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The nose is a distinctive facial feature and is significant for facial attractiveness. A flawless nose can balance and accentuate other facial characteristics, giving the face a harmonious and appealing appearance because of its optimum size, shape, and alignment.

While an uneven or disproportioned nose can take away from the harmony of the face, an evenly proportioned and symmetrical nose can improve the overall beauty of the face.

As a result, the nose is frequently seen as a critical component of facial beauty, and its aesthetic appeal profoundly impacts a person’s self-confidence and social relationships.

Rhinoplasty, sometimes called a nose job, is a cosmetic surgery operation that can improve the shape, size, and alignment of the nose to improve facial beauty. Rhinoplasty involves adjusting any asymmetries or proportional imbalances on an individual’s nose. It can produce a more balanced and harmonious facial appearance, and enhance your self-confidence and self-esteem.

“Often, along with nose reshaping, the surgeon can also amend certain breathing problems related to internal nasal structures,” explains aesthetic specialist Dr. Vinod Vij, who is often regarded as the best nose surgeon in Mumbai.

“Your plastic surgeon can guide you to determine whether you need modification for the structures mentioned above along with nose reshaping.”

Factors that determine a good Rhinoplasty candidate

An eligible Rhinoplasty candidate is someone who is bothered by the appearance of their nose, such as:

  • A disproportionate nose that appears too big or small
  • A bump on your nasal bridge is visible in profile view
  • The nose seems very broad from the front
  • The nasal tip appears droopy or plunged
  • The nose tip enlarged or pudgy
  • Large and flared nostrils
  • You have a crooked or off-center nose
  • Asymmetrical or flattened nose due to a previous injury

It would be best if you had a clear idea about the desired look of your nose

“Furthermore,” adds Dr. Vinod Vij, known to some as the best nose surgery doctor in Mumbai, “it is important for the individual to be in good health overall and have realistic expectations from the procedure.”

Patients who carry adequate emotional and physical maturity and wish to enhance their self-image through Rhinoplasty are generally very satisfied with the procedure.

Open and closed Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can be carried out using either an open or closed approach.

Open Rhinoplasty: As part of open Rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes a minor incision on the columella (the skin between the nostrils) to get better access to the nasal tissues. After raising the skin, the surgeon can see the nasal bone and cartilage clearly in order to make any necessary adjustments. Although this method requires more surgical intervention than closed Rhinoplasty, it enables the surgeon to make more precise and extensive modifications to the nose.

Closed Rhinoplasty: During a closed Rhinoplasty, all incisions are made inside the nose, leaving no visible external scars. The surgeon changes the nasal anatomy through these incisions while leaving the skin undisturbed.

Aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Vinod Vij says, “Compared to open Rhinoplasty, closed Rhinoplasty this method is less invasive; however, it might not be appropriate for more intricate nasal abnormalities.

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